Generate Hassle-Free Income

Our company currently has lease agreements on commercial, retail, church, railroad, utility and government property. With over 1,000 billboards, poster panels, bus shelters, kiosks, wallscapes, spectaculars and vertaculars, Interstate empowers advertisers to reach the busy consumer on the go while providing an unmatched revenue per square foot for our landlords.

Interstate is totally dedicated to producing and maintaining the finest outdoor advertising displays in the marketplace. Because we grow one sign at a time, we meet every detail of our landlords' needs and concerns in a way that our competitors can't match.

We have the expertise to develop a sign on your property and handle all of the approvals required to create an income stream for a lifetime. Our signs typically occupy 25 square feet of land are positioned strategically so as not to interfere with our landlord's place of business.

Given our highly competitive lease rates, our landlords earn significant dollars without being required to make any financial investment. Our signage provides a passive income stream and an increase in property value for our landlords, whom we call our "partners."

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